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Most Revered Swami Gautamanandaji Maharaj, Governing Body Member, Ramakrishna Mission Trustee, Ramakrishna Math & Adhyaksha, Ramakrishna Math, Chennai is visiting Vijayawada in the month of October 2012.

The Tentative Schedule of Revered Swami Gautamanandaji Maharaj at Vijayawada


Date Time Particulars
13-10-2012 Night Arrival at Vijayawada
14-10-2012 Morning (Sunday) Satsanga at Sitanagaram in the morning
14-10-2012 5:00 PM Meeting Deeksharthis at Sitanagaram
14-10-2012 7:00 PM Talk after Aarati at Gandhinagar
15-10-2012 Morning Mantra Deeksha at Sitanagaram in the morning.
15-10-2012 3:00 PM Addressing Teachers
15-10-2012 Evening Meeting Deeksharthis & Talk after evening Aarati at Sitanagaram
16-10-2012 10:30 AM Mantra Deeksha and Inauguration of Staff Quarters at Sitanagaram
16-10-2012   Addressing School Students at Sitanagaram
16-10-2012   Departure at night
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Last Updated on 1st November 2012


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